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Cadence ITSM offers a full range of training and consulting services in IT Service Management practices, leveraging best practice frameworks and methods such as ITIL, CobiT, and Lean Six Sigma. Based in Minnesota, Cadence ITSM has clients from coast-to-coast in the United States, ranging across the public, private and governmental sectors. Read more about us



Attention Minnesota-based IT Professionals!  New ITSM Pilot Program!


We are currently recruiting participants to pilot our new ITSM Team Development Workshop! This exciting new program focuses on one of the most important elements of any IT Service Management program - PEOPLE! We've created a two-day workshop combining an industry leading ITSM Simulation with an accredited personal effectiveness program.

On day one, participants will be introduced to ITSM practices in a simulated business environment incorporating the various key IT and business roles and perspectives (complete with real-world breakdowns in process and communication). There is no better way to be introduced to ITSM principles than by experiencing the transformative power of IT Service Management first-hand!

The second day of the workshop focuses on effective communication and personal growth. Incorporating an accredited Personal Effectiveness program, participants will spend the second day of this interactive workshop developing a better understanding their own personality and communication preferences, as well as learning the skills to recognize and adapt to the styles of others.

For organizations on the path to improving their Service Management capabilities, this program can accelerate the ITSM learning curve as well as be a catalyst for improved team communication and performance.

Register your interest here and we'll contact you with additional information



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